Here I am going to put Techinical Updates I am working on, or have finished. This is the first of many more! :D


I have made it so admins have a bolded username for links to their profile. Beaucrats are yellow, regular admins are black. I have also made colored comments, however, they are all the same color. Request colors in the comments.


A lot of wikis have userboxes, so does this one! They are super cool, with stuff like this:

YAYME! This user's favorite user is London Tipton.
Effect This user's favorite character is Katniss!

Check out the page!


I have edited the navigation. If anyone thinks it should be changed, feel free to ask or edit it!


I have also edited the theme! The background is:



I have found a glitch with the Maddie userbox, has anyone else?

Maddie This user's favorite character is Maddie!